From the Exhibition: Dracula, a Snake, and Narcissus Walk Into a Bar

Galerie Open | Berlin | 2007

Dracula, the Snake (with a big S) and Narcissus, these “creatures” represent people and forces that have crossed my path and orbited around me over time. More frequently these beings have been coming in to my “bar” and competing for face time.

Do understand that I am not playing the sheep here. I have spent my share of time dressed up as the characters at the party. These beings; the one who takes and takes but wont let go, the one who just devours whole, and the one so in love with himself. These beings represent the masks used for ammunition in society. For me they have been running and fighting and finally a point of critical mass has been reached. It was only in this extreme battle royal bar brawl with no winner that a champion could emerge from the bodies of the dead. It is important that what is created knows from who he has sprung and acknowledges those parts from time to time. It is part destruction, a bit creation, but comes with knowing and accepting there will always be a little snake slithering around when things can get a bit draculated.

The notebooks and Polaroids are the visual and textual diaries through which personalities and casualties are exposed. These pieces cover the rollercoaster experience of the past ten years from New York to LA and beyond. The paintings bring the viewer to the finale performance as all three characters walk into that bar and finally let go.